Welcome to Bright White Smile, where you will always receive and enjoy professional safe, effective and 

affordable one-on-one teeth whitening services in a beautiful private suite, by a certified master teeth whitening 

specialist. We want you to feel whether you visit one time or receive multiple services,  you will always be 

treated the way you deserve to be treated. 


The system brings your teeth back to their gleaming original white. Both upper and lower teeth are whitened 

at the same time for a smile 2-10 shades lighter in  about 20-60 minutes. No dehydration to the gums,

whitens upper and lower teeth at the same time, non-invasive, kill bacteria , plus whitens teeth 

safely, very little to NO pain & quick process.


As we age, our enamel wears off naturally and teeth become more absorbent and more susceptible to staining

However, you should not let any of these factors detain you from having a Bright White Smile.  Just remember, 

if what ever you are eating or drinking, will stain a WHITE cotton shirt, it will also stain your teeth! 

In addition, caffeine and tobacco wear away the outer layer of your enamel.


Business (817) 749-2222

Call or Text (940) 535-8773

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